A Changing Season

A Changing Season
By Byron Gordon

The shine rays cool
As the axis tilts away
Pulling kids to school
Winter sakura
Brightens the blue mountain ridge
Giving ventura
As death’s season
Marches across golden land
Summer’s grim treason
As the white flake overpowers the land
Silent, beautiful, it’s deadly yet grand

This poem was submitted to the GoodReads September 2011 Poetry Contest. I’m trying something that just occurred to me, combining the Japanese Haiku with the European Sonnet (I’m calling it a Haiket, feel free to provide a better name!). I took the basic form of the sonnet and replaced the quatrains with haikus, while trying to retain some of the sonnet’s rhyme scheme and implementing the haiku’s ethereal approach to language.There is a lot of good poetry that provides tough competition so we’ll see how this submission fares. Enjoy!


2 responses to “A Changing Season

  1. Beautifully-described !
    Take a look at my blog =)

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