Something Fun

This is a little different from what I normally offer for public consumption, so let me provide a little back story. I wrote this after grazing amongst the discussion boards over at Absolute Write and receiving a hearty helping of impatience and disdain for the many coincidences and contrivances that beginning authors frequently resort to in order to carry their plots. While I agree with them to the large degree, it came across as a little excessive so I set out to write a fun story that makes no pretensions whatsoever at being well written or reasonable. The kindest thing that could be said of this is that it is a spoof of 80’s action flicks. The humor here might not be for everyone, but if you can suspend disbelief for 1,800 words and enjoy 80’s action and spoofs there of, you might just enjoy riding shotgun in Frank Dawes’ classic muscle car. Below is the opening paragraph, the entire story can be found here.

            Frank Dawes was an action hero. A true blue, died in the wool, action hero. Not an actor, not a movie star, not a super hero. No super powers, no movie magic, just guts, a pistol, and an all American bad-ass attitude to carry him through Hell and beyond. John McClane dreamed of being in the same league., Frank had saved the world more times than he could count and once on Monday. It had taken a lot for him to follow through on that particular escapade — after all Monday’s were his days off — but deranged villains needed killing and buxom lasses needed rescuing, so there you are.


What do you think?

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