The Enemy of Description

Some opinionated verses to kick September off! One more month to the results of Upper Management’s contest submission, so still standing by on that count. Without further ado, let the opinionated verse roll!

The Enemy of Description
By Byron Gordon

He’s spoken of in hushed tone
In English classes, most well known,
And every student of the craft
Seeks to emulate – well, they’re daft!

For adjectives he had not time
Their mighty peaks he’d not climb
Just a silly trap, he would say
Then “Four fingers man! The whiskay!”

Tangling with adverbs as a child
He couldn’t master, so left them wild
He has a style, that I admit
But I find it lacks – just a bit.

He writes the way a newsman ought,
No shaking spear just double-ought,
And strips the flesh right from the bone
Aye, this butcher’s style made him known.

He took a language so enriched
Which has the power to bewitch
And, like a commie, tore it down
To only bones – That’s worth renown?

Who is this villain? You may say
That’s right, it’s him, it’s Hemingway!
Who wrote so as not to confuse
When in the bottle – his sole muse.


What do you think?

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