Untitled Verse / Foggy Dew

This is just a quick, untitled verse. The rhythm and tone are mostly inspired by Canon Charles O’Neill’s “Foggy Dew”, which is a popular song amongst Irish folksingers. My favorite rendition is performed by Loreena McKennitt. If you enjoy Irish music and haven’t heard it, you should definitely find a copy and give it a listen.


We make our way through this fair life, oftentimes in doubt and fear
While dragons growl and werewolves howl, threat’ning what we hold dear
No shining steel, no silken flag, adorns the hero’s true
Yet still we stride o’er the slippy path, stride into the foggy dew

 We carry on ‘neath a frigid sun, as shivers wrack our frames
Through the fires of Hell we march as well, barefoot upon the flames.
No demon fierce shall ever pierce nor wound our resolve true
As arrayed for war we’ll give what for, and fight through the foggy dew.

 The hero’s gold seldom glitters cold and they wander though not lost
For to spread the light and to do what’s right, no matter what the cost.
Some will fall and follow angel call, after duty discharged true
Their names we’ll hear when we drink our beer ‘neath the shroud of the foggy dew.

 While fear we feel, it’s to God we kneel, we make our way in trust
That judge’s word when our case is heard is certain to be just
And though our acts may be found lax we know our Lord to be true
He’ll bring us back despite our lack, back out of the foggy dew.


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