Exciting news!

Next week Arminium, a short Sci/Fi novella, will be released on Kindle and PubIt. See the teaser art below (note this is similar to the release cover). I’m sure you will all notice the vast improvement over the previous three covers that this  artwork and Arminium’s cover show. No, I have not been taking graphic design classes. This art (and hopefully all future covers, if I can keep her happy!) was created by Jeanette Bouch, and she did a magnificent job. Thank you, Jeanette!

They were told it would be a trip through Heaven, but found themselves in Hell.


Be watching for the Log of the El Dorado at the end of September. It will also be featuring cover art by Ms. Bouch.

Upcoming for the month of October, I am planning on releasing “The True Story of George and the Dragon”, which is a humourous take on the classic folktale. Also a big thank you to all the folks that have visited my sight, as well as to those of you who will visit in the future!


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