So you don’t have time…

A Short Story in A Month

So, you want to write but don’t have enough time to really get going? That’s how it goes for a lot of us that aren’t professional writers (though we may yet dream). We have full time jobs, families, some of us even have friends! All the time in between is taken up fetching groceries, washing cars, cleaning house, cooking dinner, mowing grass… The list seems endless, and writing as a hobby gets pushed to the bottom and neglected.
Some are currently nodding yes, others are leaving in disgust, and some are regarding me as a particularly curious specimen. Either way, with this series I’m going to finish a short story in one month by trying to write ten minutes a day. The weekly posts will take a “how-to” approach and I invite you to follow along and write your own story.

DISCLAIMER 1: If you are trying to write the next Most Dangerous Game, this series probably won’t help you out much. This series IS intended to help other people find time to ACTUALLY write stories. It is NOT intended to teach anyone HOW to write. There are a lot of other, more qualified people who can help you with that here, and in other places as well.

DISCLAIMER 2: My recommendations are what works for me. They may not work as well for you or appeal to you at all. After all, everyone is different. If you have other techniques please share them with us in the comments section. This series is about helping people write, not establishing the best or only way to do so.

The series will kick off this Thursday. See you then…


2 responses to “So you don’t have time…

  1. Great idea. I am going to follow along if you don’t mind.

    • Just finished reading “Maybe” and the valentine card one. I thought they were great, I wish I could pack my stories with that kind of depth. Honored to have you following along.

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