So you don’t have time…

We start off with some hard truths. Just keep them in mind…

Hard Truth # 1: You have to write to be a writer.

Hard Truth # 2: You must continue writing, good or bad prose, to remain a writer.

We have to write 100 words a day for a month. Some days this is easy, others it may seem hard. Don’t worry to much about falling short or long, it will balance out in the end, though try to keep close. I’ll be taking 10 minutes a day for the next 30 days to write on one story. I invite you all to join me.

Week 1 – The Beginning (First 700 words / 7 days):

Drop right into the action. There is a tiger chasing Spot. Two immediate questions arise. Why is the tiger chasing Spot and what is Spot going to do about it? This works beyond the confines of this example. Present what is happening; your story lies in the answers to why it is happening and what the characters do about it. You can run with the action until the end and then answer the why. Or you can focus on the why and then show the what. The first method will set you up for a rip-roaring adventure story, the second is more aligned to a contemplative tone. Which one you choose is a matter of taste.
The most important thing is that in the beginning you get the reader asking why and what. Once these questions are answered your story is over.

So for this week, give us some action and start telling us either the why its happening or what the characters are doing about it. You can drop hints as you like, but try to keep your focus on one or the other. The one you don’t focus on is going to come back later as the climax.


One response to “So you don’t have time…

  1. Posting this as an example. No need to post your own unless you want to, in which case, feel welcome. But this is 112 words in 10 minutes or less.

    There was a tiger chasing Spot. He ran with all his might, slipped through a jungle gym, ducked around a slide and vaulted over the fish pool. The obstacles were not enough to shake the pursuit, but it did keep him out of the claws of terrible fate.
    “Dang cats have no sense of humor,” he thought, then ducked and rolled as the tigers paw whistled past his ear.
    Reversing course nimbly, Spot tore off in the opposite direction, heading for the front yard. There was a secret weapon hidden out there, one he’d played in many a time, and it might, just might, give him the edge that he desperately needed.

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