So you don’t have time…

Hopefully everyone is doing well. 10 minutes isn’t much time to get the brain to shift gears to the creative aspect of writing even vaguely original fiction but it can be done. Pretend you’re telling your boss why you were late for work this morning!

This weeks hard truths!

Hard Truth # 3: Do not rewrite until after finishing the first draft.

Hard Truth # 4: Ad-libbing is OK. Have fun. Go off the deep end.

Week 2 – The Middle (700 more words / 7 more days)

We should have about 700 words of our stories written. For those of you who don’t think you’re quite ready to start the middle, that’s fine, keep working on the beginning for another 2-3 days. But no more than 3 more days / 300 words! This is a short story.

How do you know if you’re at the middle? At this point in the story we should have an idea of who the central characters are and which one/ones we are rooting for. We should also know (or think we know, if you feel like being clever) what problem has arisen from the initial action and now needs to be resolved. If you don’t think you’ve quite established that, it’s ok. You’ve got 300 more words to play with AND the lines between the beginning and the middle are not especially distinct. There’s no Inquisition waiting to swoop down on you if you start your middle at 1028 words. Or 500 words, for that matter. Don’t let word counts become to dictating. To quote a certain pirate, “Their more like guidelines than actual rules.”

The problem is the focus of the middle. In the next 700 – 1000 words our protagonists need to formulate a solution to the problem and storm the castle. Optimally this action will end in dismal failure (shhh – they don’t know that). How dismal is dependent on personal taste/genre. I don’t recommend death, as that is pretty hard to recover from, both as the characters and as the author.

Please note that if their solution is successful, well, you have just finished the story.


What do you think?

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