Little Rogue or The Godson’s Song

I wrote this poem with my godson in mind, which is why the second title is “The Godson’s Song”. However “Little Rogue” seems to capture the sense of the overall poem quite well. It has been entered in the Goodreads Poetry Contest for November, if I made deadline (which is unposted) so we will see. Either way, for all my readers here, enjoy!

Little Rogue / The Godson’s Song
By Byron Gordon

Give us a kiss, O mother dear
A quick peck on the cheek.
For I’m to bed
To lay my head
And pray my soul to keep.

Quiet our fear, O mother dear
Of bedbugs do not speak.
For monsters bane
I am but fain
Leave out the things that creep.

Wish us sweet dreams, O mother dear
For at snow and fire I peek.
A hero’s quest
I’ll strive my best
And win the treasure deep.

Give us a kiss, O mother dear
A cheeky smoocheroo.
My eyes, they close,
As I repose
And smiling fall asleep.


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