Bad Blood Review

Review of Bad Blood
By James D MacDonald

This is a highschool werewolf novel, which is a category of literature that I’m normally not interested in. The young foolish highschoolers, the raging hormones, the slow painful realization that the world does not exist for their pleasure, the incorrigible romantic slant towards everything, all colored by the middle aged authors nostalgia for their youthful past. Just writing that sentence is about enough to make me sick. I almost didn’t read the book at all for that reason. However, Mr. MacDonald is reputed to be an excellent author and I was dying to read some of his work, so when I saw the 100% coupon code, I couldn’t resist.

I loved Bad Blood. I couldn’t put it down (figuratively speaking, because I read it in electronic format) once I started. The action was crisp and believable, the dialogue was snappy, the characters were real and believable, and all of those things that make teenage novels sickening were (mostly) absent. I say mostly because there were some “drama queen frustration” scene’s that were in the book BUT they were mercifully brief, utterly understandable, and fit quite naturally. That type of thing never dominated the book, it didn’t have a chance to.

The only gripe that I have is how long it took the main character to realize what was going on. However, in all fairness, it was a very realistic portayal of the human tendency to refuse to believe the facts because we simply don’t want to face the truth. While this book contains werewolves and highschoolers, it is really about a far deeper theme: the acceptance of personal responsibility and the struggle that every human has in taking control of themselves. Sound familiar? Watch/read Spiderman again 😉

I haven’t read the next book of the series (Sorry Mr. MacDonald, I’m on a budget where pennies are like hen’s teeth) but I hope to in the not so distant future. If you are looking for an entertaining read that holds deeper truths within it, I highly recommend picking a copy of this book up. I “purchased” mine at Smashwords.


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