So you don’t have time…

This is the final installment on the “So You Don’t Have Time…” series. We should be ending today’s 10 minutes of writing with the words “The End” at, well, the end of a 2700 – 3000 word short story. If you’re clocking in a little less or a little more verbal mileage, that’s ok. There is really only one thing that is important that we should focus on. What was the question/problem posed at the beginning? Was it answered/solved? If we can say, “Yes, it was.” then the story is over, if not, there is still more story to tell. However, what I want to emphasis is to not angst about your use of adverbs, or whether your descriptions “breathe”, or even whether your characters are dynamic. All of these ‘quality of writing’ issues will fall into place and become resolved as you write more. Be aware of them, but don’t angst about them, because they are all secondary to the actual story itself. Ensure that you have told the story out to its end. That was the point of this whole series.

I’d also like to throw out what I have learned throughout this series. It takes me about 50 – 75 words to warm up and return to the story and really “get into it”. So writing in 10 minute / 100 word spurts doesn’t work very well for me. I wind up having to stop writing right about the time it’s starting to flow and really get good. The other aspect was that I’m not so terribly busy that I HAVE to write in 10 minute sittings. I can dig up an hour or two, most days, to set aside for writing. I have the spare time and my fiancee is awfully understanding. I am very fortunate in that aspect of my life.

That being said, I encourage everyone who wants to write to try and find time to do so, whether it is 10 minutes or 20 minutes, or however it works out. I sincerely hope that some, if not all, of the information I posted was of use in your pursuit of writing short stories. Please feel free to post or email comments or questions whenever you have them. I can’t promise instant responses but I’m usually good for next day response. Take care y’all and thanks for reading.


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