November (and Upcoming) News

Just some news for the upcoming months.

  • The “So you Don’t Have Time…” series is finished and I’m putting some final touches to the story. In my last post I mentioned that I didn’t like writing for 10 minute periods. Well. I really didn’t like it. The other information presented in that series will, I think, be beneficial to any writer but the 10 minute concept isn’t something I’ll do myself so I can’t recommend it. I’m not particularly fond of the story it initially produced. So it’s taking some scrubbing before I put it up in the Freebies section.
  • This month’s short story will be released on the 18th. The Bhut Jolokia Caper is about a group of friends trying to deal with an irritating co-worker. There is a lot of dialogue and humor included, though the action is a little light. It’s a quick, fun read, clocking in at about 3000 words with a little surprise at the end.
  • Also, there will be a 100% Black Friday Sale. Unfortunately, Smashwords is the only distributor that has a coupon system. For anyone not familiar with Smashwords, it provides the stories in multiple formats, so you can read it from your web browser or with any common e-reader. So if you’re looking for something quick as an electronic stocking stuffer, I’m rather inclined to recommend my stories. Links and coupon codes will be posted on Thanksgiving automatically and will last through Black Friday.
  • Next month’s short story is The African Affront (working title). It is in the final stages of editing and artwork. This story is a recounting of a mysterious adventurer’s trip in Africa. Not so much on the twists and suspense, this story is pretty much straight action with some humor mixed in. If everything goes as planned, you should see it announced as released on 15 December.
  • The regular Thursday post will not be happening on 22 December. For those who are disappointed, I thank you for your devotion, but it’s Christmas, dammit! As our friends across the pond say, I’ll be on holiday (at least from this job, I’m sure the Coast Guard will find something to keep me busy.).

What do you think?

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