Book Review: Trafficked!

John PeaceTrafficked
By John Peace
A Review

Trafficked is a Sci/Fi Novella of galaxy spanning proportions. Once you set foot on the first page you’re sucked through the proverbial wormhole into a not so distant future where a multitude of alien species have invaded Earth and are proceeding to pillage it for resources, while letting alien diseases run unchecked. The human governments are either unable or unwilling to resist and wind up not doing very much at all.

All of this is told through the eyes of Rashad Stevens, a young man scraping by in Cairo as a street vendor, desperate to make enough money to buy medicine for his mother, who is infected with an alien disease. In pursuit of this honorable goal he, along with his good friend Hany, are drawn into the despicable interstellar slave trade and the novella details their fanatastic adventures as they attempt to escape. The entirety of the novella addresses a familiar theme, man searching for God in a troubled world, and paints a loosely veiled picture of the hideousness of human trafficking in our world today.

Mr. Peace has an excellent narrative vision and the storyline flows like the best classic adventure novels. He is also to be commended on his imagination, not only of the aliens and their technology, but the advanced human technology that is spookily adjacent to what we have today. The story could benefit from some additional editting. Another minor issue was that some things were not clear, especially the technology that Rashad has access to in the beginning but seems to lose as the story continues. I figured it out, but if I hadn’t read Mindware Issues by the same author, I would have had a tough time of it. Overall though, Mr. Peace is to be congratulated for creating a readable, classic story that addresses real world issues in a sci/fi setting.

Let me finish by saying that I rate harshly. Bestsellers like Jim Butcher are in the five star range. I put Mr. Peace at three stars. He is worth the $1.50 he charges and I’m looking forward to see what he does next.

You may visit Mr. Peace at his blog and you may purchase Trafficked! on Smashwords.


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