Ridiculous Verse

The Dossier of Derrieres

To include both dossier and derriere
Would require a verse most singular
As a line to rhyme with dossier
Should include both spies and Perrier
And with the addition of derriere
I lean toward a shapely French clothiere.

And while the spy with the Perrier
Could add her to his dossier
(Or perhaps vice versa, no need to be sexist
As that attitude is known to perplex us)
It would seem to be rude (you may call me a prude)
Though to focus on her derriere appears pleasantly crude

Now I’ve run out of nonsense to spin
So I’ll sit my derriere down on a pin
And you may all laugh at the resulting din.


3 responses to “Ridiculous Verse

  1. *Bows*

    It’s a masterpiece. Pure. Beautiful. Derrierlicious.

    Here’s my…uh…interpretation:

    I heard in the town of Tulsa
    Of a slippery lass called Medusa—
    There’s a dossier
    Of her derriere
    Snake-filled hair
    And deathly stare
    That make quite a lollapalooza

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