Fantasy Serial Story – The Adventure Of The Fertile Plain – Part VI



“Don’t start that again!” Wain yelled.

“I was just going to say ‘What…”

“Nooooo, don’t say it.”

“But what…”

“Zip it.”

“Fine! Who threw you out of the lean-to?”

“No one.”

“Then what…”

“STOP!” bellowed Wain, with a terrible look.

A poor squirrel, who had been frightened stiff, fell out of a tree and onto his head. With a crunch. Wain suddenly guffawed and the terrible look passed and his normal, constipated look returned. Then he remembered and looked scared.

“There was a rune in there and I didn’t want to be contaminated.”

“Well, why didn’t you say so, what…”

“Don’t say it, just look at the rune.”

“Ok, ok, ok,” James leaned into the lean-to apprehensively and saw the rune carved upon one of the posts, “Hello there, you little devil you.”

“Hello,” replied the rune in a deep voice.

“Oh my…” James jumped backwards, cracking his head on the upper beam and falling onto his bottom, “Ow.”

“We were ambushed in the maze at the bottom of the tower. There were a bunch of skeletons and a dark spirit of tremendous power.”

“Wain do you hear something?”

“Yeah I hear you talking in a normal voice and then a deep voice trying to scare me and guess what, it won’t work… Aaaaah, the rune is talking, we are going to go to the bad place of fire and flame!” Wain started hopping up and down like a rather comical monkey.

“Be very careful when you assault the tower and… my strength is almost gone. I must end the blessing. Good luck and farewell.” The rune faded leaving only a scorched mark on the post.

“It’s a warning,” mused James.

“Yeah, be careful,” Wain snorted, apparently recovered from his attack of the willies, “What else is new?”

“We shall have to be careful when we go there,” James continued musing, as he buckled on his new sword, “And we need to bury the dead crusader.”

“Ok, I’ll start digging and then…” Wain trailed off as he turned, “Why do you get his sword but I don’t get his armor?”

“That is not the point.”

“Oh. Ok.”

They buried the body of the crusader in the soft loam of the forest and then rested until night fell.

“Let us go then, we can assault the tower under the cover of darkness,” Sir James led his pony into the darkness.

“Why are we attacking skeletons and a dark spirit of tremendous power at night,” muttered Wain, as he led his horse after James, “They’re scary enough during the daytime.”

“Don’t worry Wain, we’ll be fine,” James shouted back to him encouragingly.

“How does he do that,” Wain muttered.



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