Fantasy Serial Story – The Adventure Of The Fertile Plain – Part VII

As they rode closer to the tower they began to feel more and more like maybe the should leave and come back tomorrow. Or next week. Or next month. Or next year.

“Don’t even suggest it,” James snapped at Wain, “The tower is casting a spell upon us as a means of defense.”

“Ugh,” agreed Wain, reduced to one syllable words by his unease.

They left their horses there, and walked the last mile in to the tower. It was very tall and made of black basalt. The stones seemed to exude a nauseating aura.

“It me sick,” Wain was still only using single syllables.

“Yeah, just don’t go berserk in here ok?” James cautioned him, “This mission calls for stealth.”

“Wain no get mad,” Wain nodded, “Wain got it.”

“Ok, let’s sneak in through this little side door.”

“It only door.”

“Ok, let’s sneak through this little main door,” James repeated, “And surprise them.”

“Ok, Wain like.”

James opened the door cautiously and barely refrained from cursing as it creaked. The interior of the tower was pitch black and so James said a quick prayer for light. With the little flame of light hovering over his head they proceeded carefully down the interior passage only to come to a split. It was a maze.


“Wain no cuss, why James?”

“Here take my blessed cloak,” James draped the cloak over Wain, “My blessed cloak that protects the wearer from the eyes of the living dead. My blessed cloak that renders the wearer invisible to the undead. Use your bow and shoot anything that tries to come near.”

“Ok,” Wain said happily, “I will use my Blessed Arrows of Light, that burn the flesh of the undead upon contact.”

“Hey, I’m the one supposed to have anti-undead gear, not you.”

“Well Wain’s got these special arrows, look right here, it says they get a +1 hit against undead!”

“Oh, ok. By the way that was all out of character!” Sir James glanced to the side, “Wain!”


“I see something!”

“I’ll shoot it, hang on!”


“I think that is a dead skeleton now!”

“Good shot Wain!”

They continued throughout the maze, killing all the skeletons that they encountered until, by a incredible amount of luck they reached a set of stairs. So they climbed up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up for a long time. Then they came to a room in which a dark shadow flinched upon the sight of James’ holy light. Then it spoke a word and the light went out.

“Aaaaaah!” Wain fled back down the stairs, leaving James to face the evil spirit on his own.

“Thanks Wain,” shouted James as he drew his sword. White flame burst forth from the blade and illuminated the room. James thought he heard the evil spirit say: “Oh not this guy again.”

James rushed to the attack swinging his sword with deadly skill and fervor. Although he struck twice the spirit merely grunted, a peculiar sound, and punched him, hard, right on the kisser. James fell back, lip bleeding, and shook his head, trying to clear it of the stars that had suddenly decided to visit the room. The spirit was coming in for the finish when an arrow appeared out of nowhere and burst into flame as it struck him. The spirit howled, a chilling sound and looked around for his attacker. James could see Wain crouched near the head of the stairs, hidden from the spirit by the cloak. Another arrow struck the spirit and with a snarl it started to hurl black lances in the general direction of the stairs. They all struck over Wain’s head but his face looked a little pale.

James rallied his strength and attacked the spirit once again, his fiery sword leaving a trail of light behind it as he swung it through the air. This time he dodged the spirits punch and cut away again. Then the spirit caught him off guard with four punches at the same time. James was flung against the wall by the force of the two blows that struck him.

Wain shot one last arrow and struck the spirit square on the back. With a stone grinding shriek that shook the tower to its core the spirit burst into flames and disappeared. Wain came over to James and helped him to his feet. While James muttered a healing prayer, Wain found a ladder to the roof of the tower and they climbed up there to rest in the fresh air for the rest of the night.


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