Fantasy Serial Story – The Adventure Of The Fertile Plain – Part VIII

In the morning they were woken by a loud voice screaming in a strange language. They peered over the edge and saw a large bald ogre standing over roughly twenty orcs. The ogre was shouting at them and the orcs were doing pushups.

“Hehe, watch this,” Wain chuckled and, before James could stop him, shot an arrow at the ogre.

The ogre yelled with surprise as the wooden shaft stuck in his butt and looked up at the top of the tower.

“You sissy little man,” shouted the ogre to Wain, amongst other insults, “Come down and fight like an ogre!”

“Ignore him Wain,” James said soothingly, “He’s just trying to make you… WAIN!”

With the red light of battle once again in his eyes Wain jumped from the roof of the tower down to the ogre and the orcs. He drew his sword as he fell spinning like a deadly top. James rushed down the ladder and then the stairs, trying to reach the ground before he was too late. He opened the door to the tower in the face of a startled orc and cut him down without a second glance. Then he saw the ogre hit Wain with a massive sword. A terrible gash was opened across Wain’s chest but he seemed not to notice. James said his prayer of healing, and the wound closed, startling the ogre enough for Wain to lop off his arm. The ogres next blow cut off Wain’s leg, and James said his prayer again and watched in amazement as the leg reattached itself. The ogre was just as amazed but swung again in fury. Wain actually blocked the blow, by accident, and the ogre’s sword shattered, just before Wain cleaved him in half. The other nineteen orcs had already been slain and Wain looked around hungrily for other targets. He spied James and charged. James slammed the door shut and it shuddered under the impact of Wain’s body slamming against it.

The rage did not fade from Wain’s eyes until his sword had burst through the door. The blade quivered there for a moment, the was withdrawn and the blows seemed to have halted. James still waited a couple minutes before opening the door. Wain stood there, looking a little embarrassed.


“It’s ok. Good job.”


“Let’s go home.”



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