Fantasy Serial Story – The Adventure Of The Fertile Plain – Part IX

“Well, I really must commend you for your bravery and skill. There were a couple times throughout your telling that I wasn’t sure you would make it. It sounds like you have taught ’the barbarian’ to follow you quite faithfully.”

“Oh, it was nothing, Your Holiness,” James said.

“No I really must congratulate you my boy, every time you go out it seems the quest is more and more difficult than the last one and yet you always prevail. You are a source of inspiration and pride for your entire sanctuary. You are becoming a bit of a celebrity in fact.”

“It is nothing, Your Holiness,” James repeated, “What is the next quest you have for me?”

“Nothing going on at the moment,” said the Bishop, “Just rest and recover from your last ordeal.”

“Of course,” James backed out of the audience hall and met Wain outside the palace gates. Wain was sitting in the middle of a circle of little boys, who were listening spell bound as he told them how he had slain an evil troll on the continent. James noticed that all the boys held little ’Wain the Barbarian’ action figures.

“Come on Wain,” James sighed, “Time to go.”

“Aaah,” cried the little boys, “Can we come Wain?”

“No,” said Wain, “You must all go home and wrestle and eat spinach to grow strong.”

“Ok Wain,” the boys all ran off.

“You’re becoming quite a role model Wain,” said James, just a little sourly.

“Oh, they don’t mean any harm,” said Wain, “Actually they only hid their Sir James Flickerflame figures ‘cause I told them to when you came out.” Wain looked at a bar they were passing as he said this, hoping James didn’t spot the lie.

“You tricky guy you!” said James, a lot happier now that he knew that the kids liked his figure just as much as Wain’s.

“But they say I come with cooler weapons,” chuckled Wain, as he ducked into the next bar they passed.

James followed him in, just to keep his friend out of trouble, doncha know.


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