Serial Fantasy Story – The bandits of Dunn – Part IX

They strode from the dimness of the building and into the light of the sun. The Baron had spoken truly and his men resupplied them and saw them safely on their way. The gate creaked shut behind them and they began riding north.

“So, we ambush this spirit in the day and then go after the creature of the forest?” Wain flicked the reins against his ponies flank.

“If we rode hard, we might be able to reach the well before dusk, but how would we lure the spirit out into the sun?” Sir James shook his head, “No, we will have to fight it as night falls.”

“Great. That worked so well, last time.”

“This time we will not be caught off guard.”

“Of course not. How could we possibly get caught off guard by an invisible demon at night? I mean, we’ll just see the bugger if he gets near us!”

“It is an evil spirit, not a demon. I meant that we would be expecting his presence and be prepared to combat him.”

“And how are we going to combat something we can’t see, oh wise paladin?”

“Well, my ignorant and slow barbarian friend, I presume you still have the blessed cloak that I lent you on our last misadventure. The one that somehow never managed to find its way back to my pack.”

“Uh, well, I, uh, blessed cloak? I’m not sure that I know what you’re talking about.”

“Well, the plan is relatively simple. We shall ride near to the well. Around dusk we shall appear to quarrel. Quite loudly. You will ride off in a foul temper leaving me alone.”

“Oh, I get it. You’re bait! The evil spirit will attack you and… then what? You’re not going to let me fight? You have to let me fight! I’ve been good!”

“Well, if you sneak back in hidden under the cloak, and attack while I have distracted him, then I will let you fight.”

“Oh good.” Wain smiled, “Under my blessed cloak I’ll be hidden… I mean, uh, your, uh.”

“Never mind about the cloak. Just do not let the spirit kill me and we will call it even.”

“Oh, ok. I can do that.” Wain grinned again. Finally, the adventure was starting to pick up. All this riding and talking and blah blah blah. He was ready to get in a good fight.

They arrived at the well just as dusk was falling. Wain began to unpack his bag and was caught completely by surprise when Sir James shoved him from behind.

“Hey! What’s that for?”

“You stinking barbarian filth! That locket belonged to my mother! Give it back!”

“What? What locket?”

“How dare you play dumb with me?! I can see the cunning in your eyes. Give it back or I will open you up like a fish!”

“James, I don’t know what’s got into you.” Wain began to patiently try to calm his friend down.

“Hsst.” Sir James hissed, “The plan. We quarrel. Remember the plan?”

“Oh. Now? Well ok. I don’t have your stinking mother’s locket! Who’d want fake silver like that anyway?” Wain gave Sir James a big wink and a thumbs up.

“Fake?” Sir James shrieked, “Fake? I will show you fake! You are a fake barbarian! You could not even pick an apple out of a tree, you are so short!”

“James, that’s hurtful.” Wain climbed up on his pony and looked down at his friend with sorrow, “I’d thought better of you. Farewell.”


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