What I bin doin’

I currently have three new short stories ready to be published. One Horror and two General Fiction (What I tend to refer to as contemporary). All they are waiting on is the cover art and the formatting before they are released into the great wide world. They should be coming out over this month, March, and April.

I have a short novel and a short story in the editing process. The short novel is Sci/Fi and the short story is Horror. (I might be getting close to enough stories for a Horror collection. Stay tuned).

Lastly, and most importantly, I have one short story, one novella, and one either novella or short novel that I’m actively writing right now. The short story and the novella are both Fantasy, the one of uncertain length (heh, imagine that being a nickname) is Urban Fantasy.

Thank you to everyone who follows, visits, and reads my blog and my writing. You all help me keep up the positive attitude necessary to continue creating and telling these stories.




What do you think?

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