Serial Fantasy Story – The Bandits of Dunn – Part XVII

You really are a paladin and not some dusted off charlatan, aren’t you?” White stared at him. Black merely scowled and disappeared to his laboratory.

Well. Yes. Why?”

Only a paladin could say anything half as soppish as that with a look of steel in his eyes.”

Their eyes.”


Their. It is only now happening, but we are letting women into the ranks these days.”


Exactly the reaction of the senior papists, I assure you.”

Huh.” White mused, then his eyes gleamed, “Good looking women?”

I could not say.”

I’ll bet they’re gorgeous redheads with hair down to their knees. In mail and with a sword, wow. Those kinds of options and the damn Church sends me you two.”

I would appreciate it if you kept a little respect in your tone when you speak of my Church.”

Oh right, sorry.”

Are we done gabbing yet?” Wain walked back to the table, “Oh, the hell with it. I’m eating.”

Of course. After you, sir paladin.” White gestured to the table. “Red headed paladin chicks. Yowza!”

That would be pretty hot.” Wain agreed, “Sir James, how come you couldn’t be a hot red haired paladin chick?”

The good Lord only gives us such burdens as we may bear.” Sir James sat at the table, “Now, for the last time, what news of the orcish horde?”

Well, there really isn’t that much to tell.”

I prefer talking redheads to talking orcs. Orcs smell bad.”

Wain! Enough with the red heads!”

Yassuh, Sir Shmuckety-shmuck paladin.”

White stared at the red faced paladin, concern etched across his brow.

Forgive me,” Sir James rubbed his brow, “and please continue. You were saying there is not much to tell.”

No, not much. Their army has massed in the hills a days march to the south east. My scouts say it is a force roughly twice the size of mine. The safest thing to do is to wait for them to break themselves on these walls.”

You couldn’t keep a cow out of this place, let alone an orc horde.” Wain muttered around a mouthful of food.

The walls may not look like much, but they’ve got it where it counts. They’ll hold.”

Perhaps.” Sir James chewed thoughtfully on a carrot, “Still, why not engage them in the field? Crush them in one mighty victory? Surely your men are the match for dark spawn like orcs.”

Never fought many orcs, have you?”

Our fair share.”


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