New Fantasy Full Of Tension and Horror

Ever remember, way way back, when monsters were actually scary? And not the “Oh, I’m scared she won’t pick him” type of scary but the “Holy crap, it’s going to eat us all!” kind. Ever miss those monsters?

Yeah, me too.

Which is why I am happy to introduce you to a monster that will raise the hairs on the back of your necks. One of my Beta’s claims he can’t walk at night without glancing over his shoulder anymore. Sound like fun to you too?

Go ahead. Dim the lights, draw the curtains and stoke the fire and pick up a copy of Stalked. It’ll keep you up or your money back!


One last thing. If you think you want to read “Stalked”, think is sounds cool, but would prefer a free way to try out a new author, post a comment below. The first five people to comment will receive either a 100% off coupon for Smashwords OR a PDF file of the story, free of any charge.

Thank you all for viewing,


2 responses to “New Fantasy Full Of Tension and Horror

  1. Allan McDonough

    Sounds great, I love the film ‘American Werewolf in London’. Old school horror really was the best. I still get freaked out going up the escalators in train stations. There should be more suspense in books and films and a little less open gore.

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