A New Year of Story Resolutions

Happy New Year and all that jazz, folks!

Last year ended on a bit of a crazy note for me and I fell behind on posting here. I had to choose between writing fiction or blogging (Yes, occasionally there is a difference), and I chose writing.

However, I do have several projects lined up to come out this year that I’m excited for (and you should be too. I’ll tell you why in a minute.) I also have some shiny new goals to trade in for the tarnished ones of yesteryear. And I have some plans and thoughts for this blog that I wanted to share so no avid readers are caught off guard (I know you’re out there!)

So much to talk about, right? Ok, I digress…

Blog Changes:

I’m planning on changing this into more of a narcissistic “hello, I had two pieces of bacon for breakfast” type place. No seriously, I am. It is all part of my evil plot to dominate the world!

However, to ease that whole scheme past you, I’m going to distract you all with the exciting places I go, and all the exciting things I do. Such as my upcoming business trip to the Caribbean… and people say my day job is boring!

Other changes I’m considering are consistent flash fiction posts, and possibly rants and roasts. That former are more likely than the latter…

New Goals:

Last year I had a few simple goals set for myself:

  • Increase my published stories to 32 titles. (100% completed! Yay!)
  • Publish 6 core content blog posts. (I wrote/posted 5)
  • Publish 1 Short Story Collection. (Completely missed this one. Laziness mostly. The stories are written.)

Publish 2 children’s stories with illustrations. (Written, not published.)

While it might not look like this, I count last year as a tremendous success. As a writer, I wrote and finished a lot of stories (including a full length novel) and I learned a ton of stuff.

Like I shouldn’t really write children’s stories. I’m clueless when it comes to those. Children appropriate stories I can manage, sometimes, but the Man in the Yellow Hat I am not.

I also realized just how much formatting disgusts me. I can’t imagine it before the ease of computers. Though I do wonder if printing presses managed to slip completely blank pages into their print runs…

This year I have new goals:

  • Write two novels.
  • Write ten short stories using Lester Dent’s Master Plot.
  • Increase my inventory to 48 titles for sale.

A little ambitious, eh? Well, you know what they say about reaching for the stars… pack a parachute, cause when you slip, it’s a long way down.

Seriously though, I have one of the novels in concept phase. The ten Master Plot stories are set in a fantasy world I’ve been building with a few compatriots.

And for you math people out there, the other four titles are either written and waiting in the wings, or waiting in the wings to be written.

Should be easy, right? Hehe…

Things You Should Be Excited For:

New Years Resolutions! Eating less! Drinking less! Working harder!

No? Not your cup of tea?

Well, this is what I’m excited for:

  1. My new novel. To be honest, it’s an eye-roller. However, anyone with a sense of humor and an itch for urban fantasy will probably enjoy it.
  2. I have new cover art for Giant Slayer and the sequel, Troll Bane. And Troll Bane will be released soon, hopefully before the end of the month. If you like monsters, magic, and a little adventure in Gomorrah, you’ll probably enjoy Troll Bane.
  3. I’m collaborating with an awesomely cynical humorist on a steampunkish-piratically-ridiculous-adventure. It’s simply fun. The only sad part is that she’s in France until the summer and doesn’t have much time to work on it, so progress is slow.
  4. A new novella, set in the Gunner Long verse, about a guy who spacewalks to rescue people from dying spaceships. It features a lot of action, a little sex, a bunch of gangsters, and a phone conversation with everyone’s favorite futuristic hard-boiled detective!
  5. Lastly, I’m excited to get another year to spend in the sun (and all that other happy stuff.)

One last thing, before I end this. I’ll be posting my sales figures/analysis for 2013 sometime the end of this month (waiting on Smashwords final reports. Though I suspect they will be less than impactful.)

I’m still hopeful about this whole independent publishing venture. While I’m not getting wealthy on the side, or quitting my day job, I am still doing what I love. And I made enough money this year to buy a nice bottle of hooch.

So, hey, that’s something.




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