Free Flash Fiction

Miscellaneous Flash Fiction:

The following short stories are posted for your reading pleasure. Some are connected to my published works and some are just stand-alone’s. Feel free to comment and enjoy!

The Action Hero – A short story about a morning in the life of an action hero (think 80’s Bruce Willis) on his day off.

Upper Management – A short story about a frustrated office worker.

The Gorilla Suit Incident – Fuzz’s friends play a practical joke on him that leaves him a little… frazzled. A humorous short story. If you enjoy this piece, please consider The Bhut Jolokia Caper, for another story about Fuzz, Locks, and Thumbs.

A Wise Man – An Ancient Indian (Native American) parable about two brothers, arrogance, murder, and cleverness.

The Chronicles of the Holy Isles:

The first three stories are available in an Ebook or Print collection.

What do you think?

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