Writing Craft Series / How To’s


This page contains the various blog series I’ve run. Once completed I will convert them into e-books and publish them on Smashwords. Largely I’m trying to stimulate discussion among writers, give a helping hand where I can, and continue my own education as an up and coming writer. If you find these series helpful and want to give back in some way, please consider joining or instigating discussions on the posts or purchasing one of the completed e-books. Thank you.

So You Don’t Have Time…

You want to write. Specifically you want to write short stories. But you don’t know how, you’ve tried before and the result was disappointing. You don’t have time. This short chapbook will walk you through the basic steps of writing short stories, and with only limited amounts of time. It is drawn from my past ten years of writing experience. All you need to bring to the table is a story to tell and the desire to tell it.
You can link to the blog series below for free or download a compilation, featuring additional content, from Smashwords for $0.99.

But How Do I Make It Compelling?

The current ongoing series. I hope to complete the following posts by the end of it:


2 responses to “Writing Craft Series / How To’s

  1. Ahhh,I do love GOOD advice given in a practical and non-lecturing way. My dear friend you are a perfect example of how to do it “well”..

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