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Sales Statistics from 2013

Last March I posted the sales numbers from the second year of my self-publishing adventure. Now I’m continuing the tradition, if a few months early. Please keep in mind the following about my numbers: My titles are categorized as follows: Short Stories (24); Novellas (7); Novels (1); and Collections (1). No promotion this year at … Continue reading

  • I'm still alive! The last few weeks have been largely taken up with moving and getting accustomed to the new job. But I won't bore you with all the realistic details :) Good news is I have been able to catch some writing time here and there. I've finished up a few things, re-worked one particular project, and am 1/3 - 1/2 way through a novel (humorous urban fantasy). I have two fantasy short stories on deck waiting to be published (look for them later this month), the next issue of the Chronicles of the Holy Isles mostly ready to go, a 'first season' of a fantasy story that I will be releasing in six separate episodes, and two or three very short stories that I am considering bundling together. The other thing I am working on is a newsletter that you could sign up for here. I'm considering making it a quarterly issue with coupons for new releases and maybe a free short story or something. Suggestions and ideas are welcome as this is the first time I've tried anything like that and I am somewhat at a loss. Please post as a comment below. So it is shaping up to be an outstanding Fall season. Now I just need to get my internet connected so I can get cover art done and books uploaded. The Starbucks' connection works but the coffee... not my cup of tea :)
  • Just wanted to share this. I normally write for an hour a day, at about 1000 words an hour. Today I put down ~ 2,400 words in an hour an twenty minutes. Some days writing can be a slog but others, whew! What a feeling! :) To all writers struggling with pounding the keyboard, keep on going! It's worth it!
  • I currently have three new short stories ready to be published. One Horror and two General Fiction (What I tend to refer to as contemporary). All they are waiting on is the cover art and the formatting before they are released into the great wide world. They should be coming out over this month, March, and April. I have a short novel and a short story in the editing process. The short novel is Sci/Fi and the short story is Horror. (I might be getting close to enough stories for a Horror collection. Stay tuned). Lastly, and most importantly, I have one short story, one novella, and one either novella or short novel that I'm actively writing right now. The short story and the novella are both Fantasy, the one of uncertain length (heh, imagine that being a nickname) is Urban Fantasy. Thank you to everyone who follows, visits, and reads my blog and my writing. You all help me keep up the positive attitude necessary to continue creating and telling these stories.   BG
  • It's been a quiet month online but not off. Wedding ceremony, honeymoon, happy couple, etc... Now I'm back and bursting with ideas. Roughed out a short story today, tentatively titled "The Money Man", and started work on the next installment of The Holy Isles. The last stand alone short I wrote was rejected by Glimmer Train, and as far as I know the other magazine I submitted it to, so you might be seeing that up soon. Hopefully I'll be able to work on a writing series as well, but we'll have to see how that goes. I'm still waiting to start rewriting the rough draft of the Gunner Long novel, so that might take priority over a writing blog series. We'll see... Stay posted!
  • Trying to come up with a topic for a new series on writing... any suggestions or ideas are more than welcome. Hoping to kick the new series off in November. Stay posted!
  • It's sad to see a big name pulling these kinds of shennanigans. It would be just as bad if a no name did it (though at least semi-understandable) but a high seller like RJ Ellory is just... well. Not something I would do. Form your own opinions, you can read the ABC story here.
  • Due to being on vacation last week, the next installment for the Fertile Plain was not posted. Consequentially, I'll be trying to get it up tomorrow and then the standard installment this Thursday as normal. So stand by for a double dose of Sir James and Wain this week!
  • What the title says! Yeah! Very excited to be completed on the initial draft of the first novel featuring Gunner Long! In case you don't know, Gunner Long is a private investigator in a futuristic world full of probable and improbable technology. He's also struggling to provide his adopted daughter with a somewhat useful father figure. I'm hoping to have it ready and published in November. First step done!

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